Jena .NET Framework

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Latest Version: 0.3 Beta. You must be registered to download the latest framework.

Harness The Power Of The Semantic Web In Your .NET Applications

Jena .NET is a fully-featured .NET port of the well-established open source Jena Semantic Web library, and features a robust RDF/OWL API, persistent storage support, RDF/XML/N3/N-triple support and a SPARQL engine for building your own semantic web applications, whilst taking advantage of the flexibility, power and convenience of the .NET framework.

New in 0.3: Jena .NET 0.3 now supports the TDB SPARQL database for authentic SPARQL-based database persistence.

It is free software distributed under the BSD license.

Technical support is available on our community forum. Please use this to discuss problems, ideas and integration issues and grow the Jena .NET community.

Reference Guide

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The Jena API Reference gives an overview of the Jena library's functionality with examples. will be also developing additional tutorials exploring the use of Jena .NET with the .NET framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available which answers many of the most common questions about the library.

Package Contents

The Jena .NET package contains the following components:

  • The Jena .NET library assembly and dependency distribution for your referencing in your projects.
  • A full set of tutorial classes to demonstrate how to use Jena .NET in your own .NET applications (source in C#).
  • 'Bare bones' solutions including all required Jena .NET components for you to build your own applications from scratch (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 solutions included).
  • A console utility program for diagnostics and automatic unit testing of the Jena .NET library (source included).


Jena .NET is free software distributed under the BSD license and carries no warranty of any kind. Full acknowledgement as required by licenses of included components are stated in License.txt included with the download package.

.NET Port Development

Although the Jena .NET library has passed nearly 10,000 unit tests using the original Jena unit test package, please note that the library is still relatively new and therefore prone to the usual bugs or perculiarities in special situations. Please report any bugs or perculiarities via our support forum and they will be investigated in reasonable time.



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