RDF Pro: Complete Semantic Web Tools Suite

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RDF Pro is the ultimate tool for semantic web data workers. Load RDF models either from your own files, or from the web. Visualize, edit and then output in any of the well known semantic web formats. Highlights include the following:

  • Complete visual editing of a model.
  • Basic triple editing.
  • Ontology browsing and editing: instances, classes and properties.
  • Conversion to and from well known formats: including SQL and CSV, using a robust plugin architecture to extend RDF Pro later to convert more formats.
  • Semantic data discovery - we help you crawl the semantic web to find the data you need.
  • Mashup (union) semantic models at the click of a button, and export your result in RDF.

But that's not just it - convert from more traditional data formats including CSV, XLS and more.

Our unique plug-in module architecture means upgrading is easy, and extending your toolset can be done with the minimum of hassle.



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