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What Is The Semantic Web?

Essentially, the semantic web marks a move from a global web of human readable documents (web pages), to a global web of machine readable documents; so that machines can automatically interpret the meaning of data on the web; what to do with it, and how to represent it.

Where Do I Start?

This site exists to give you the tools, and the know-how, to start using the semantic web yourself in your everyday tasks. We have prepared a number of easy to digest, progressive tutorials for you read in your own time and at your own pace.

Semantic Web Basics Why use a semantic web and how is it any different from the web of today? This article introduces the key differences - and their benefits.

Introducing Graph Data Discusses the way in which the semantic web stores its data; and how it differs from the more well known models used today. To first understand the semantic web, you must first understand how it stores data.

Introducing RDF Provides an initial insight into RDF format; the format in which the semantic web defines its models of data.

Semantic Modeling Introduces the key benefits of storing, and using, a semantic database; whether online or offline. Once you understand the technologies behind the semantic web, you are ready to put it to use and see the advantages over traditional approaches.

Introducing RDFS & OWL Answers the question 'how does the semantic web store semantics in its data?'. We give a brief overview of the syntax, with examples.

Querying Semantic Data Gives an overview of the syntax used to search and query semantic data using SPARQL; the semantic web's equivalent of SQL.

Software Downloads

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There is a variety of software tools and frameworks available for download from Linked Data Tools. These include:

RDF Studio is the easy, comprehensive RDF and ontology designer environment and tool kit. All you need to edit, browse and visualize RDF data on your desktop in an all-in-one package.

Jena .NET A .NET port of the Java based Jena library, this library will give you all you need to start using the the semantic web in your .NET applications; using a reliable Open Source toolkit that is one of the most mature in the field.

Ingenious Framework A growing, native open source C# library for efficiently handling rich RDF data in an object oriented (OOP) environment. Available on CodePlex.


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