About Linked Data Tools

LinkedDataTools.com has been set up by professional developers to help the web community into a new phase of the web, Web 3.0 – or the Semantic Web. We believe that the future of computing is held in cloud computing and semantic data. But to bring in this new model of computing we need new tools, and new information. Hence LinkedDataTools.com.

The aim is to always offer good quality articles, for free. And if you want us to improve – by offering a new range of articles – then feel free to let us know via our comments facility on many of our pages. If you tell us what we can do better, we can make this site one of the most useful on the internet for this important topic.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you find this website suits your needs. We look forward to a future of the web in how it was originally envisaged.

The LinkedDataTools.com Team